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Featured In

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Expertly Crafted Retail Shop Billing Software to Suit Your Business Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its billing requirements. The best retail billing software is developed to create bills for any business according to its requirements. Billing software for retail shops automates many manual tasks. By using a professional invoicing tool in your retail store, you can speed up the billing process. It helps reduce wait time for your customers significantly. Further, it lets you analyse your sales data to help you come up with a better strategy to boost your business sales.

Implementing of business accounts into retail billing software is easy to use

Easy Implementation

By having out retail billing software for your business, you can easily use its features to grow your business. Any employee in your store can learn to operate the retail billing software without professional training. It hardly takes a day to implement the features of our billing software for retail shops.

Easy-to-use billing software for your retail business

Super Easy to Use

It is crucial for billing software to have an easy to use interface. Our retail billing app is available on Android mobile and Windows desktop devices. Your employees can use it like any other software. Further, we provide you with a simplified dashboard that provides a convenient way to track your business activity.

Integrated Accounting Billing Software for Retail Shop

Integrated Accounting

Having multiple software to bill customers and handle accounts involves a lot of manual work. Our retail billing software comes with integrated accounting features within the app. By having it on board, you can handle all your billing and accounting requirements in one place. Further, our billing app can use the GST invoices prepared by the app to create sales reports. You can use them directly to reduce manual accounting efforts.

Digital payments for your invoice - A best retail billing software in India

Digital Payments

Provide convenient ways to pay for your customers by enabling digital payment options on your invoice. Our retail billing app lets you add UPI payment QR code and bank details within the invoice. Using the feature, your customers can pay you using UPI, NEFT, RTGS, debit cards, credit cards, and other digital payment options.

Generate 37+ types of reports for retail business - A Free Billing Software for Retail store

37+ Reports

Grow your business by analysing the sale and purchase data of your business. By using the best retail billing software, you can generate reports and make informed decisions for your business. Using our retail billing app, you can create sale/purchase reports, transaction reports, GST reports, profit & loss statements, cash flow, and many more. These reports can provide reliable data to manage your business effectively.

Easy Template customization on your business requirements - Best Billing Software for Your Retail Store

Template Customisation

Get complete customisation control over your bills using our professional billing software for retail shops. You can find multiple template options, and you can choose them depending on your industry requirements. Using the app, you can use your brand's logo, colour combination, font, and style to present your brand's message. Further, you can modify all the details in the template and mention the terms and conditions.

Get your business online with an e-business feature - An online billing software for retail shops in India.

eBusiness Apps

Get your store online using the eBusiness feature in our retail billing app. You can add all your store items and create an online presence for your business. Your customers can easily make a purchase from your online store, and you can create a delivery challan and deliver it to your customers. It can help you get more sales and retain customers by providing them with convenient ways to shop at your stores.

Now conveniently send invoices through WhatsApp or email by using the e-invoice - retail accounting software for small business


Create invoices for your customers from anywhere by using Vyapar app. You can send the e-invoice to your customers on WhatsApp or email. Using the software, you can conveniently send invoices without meeting them in person. Also, using e-invoices, you need not send printed bills to your customers. So, you can save the time and money required in printing and shipping the bills.

Multi-currency billing gives customers the invoice with the exact billing amount in their native currency

Multi-Currency Billing

Create an invoice for your customers in the desired currency using our retail invoicing software. You can choose from multiple currency options available for billing. It can help you provide the invoice with the exact billing amount in their native currency. Further, you can add currency conversion charges in the total to ensure you get the correct amount on the sale of your products.

Digital invoicing is a great feature that allows sending invoices through Emails and SMS

SMS and Email Setup

You can use a retail billing app to create bills and send them over to your customers using SMS and email. It is a great feature that enables digital invoicing for your business. You can send your bank details in the invoice shared digitally to let your customers make cashless payments. It helps facilitate customers by providing them with the convenience to pay from anywhere.

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Why Retail Shop Billing Software?

Retail stores serve a ton of customers every day, and it has to keep track of every item it sells to its customers. Managing the retail business alone and running it every day can become a tiring task. Using the best retail store billing app, you need not worry about your billing and accounting requirements. You can rather focus on providing better services to your customers.

Our retail billing app comes with a ton of features. They get crafted to simplify the business processes. Using them helps reduce manual tasks for a businessperson. It comes with a ton of features to help facilitate the billing and accounting processes in a business.

Benefits of Retail Shop Billing Software

By having professional billing software, you can streamline all your business requirements. You can easily manage your business and grow it using various features offered by the app. Here are some benefits associated with the retail billing software, which makes it a must-have application.

Best App That Reduces Billing Counter Wait Time- Online Billing Software for Retail Shop - Retail Billing Software India

Reduces Wait Time

Creating invoices faster is crucial for any business. Having a retail billing app helps you reduce wait time at billing counters. It enables faster billing to provide convenience to your customers. You can use a barcode scanner and attach it to your PC to add the details of items directly to your invoice. Create bills for your customers within a minute by using data stored in the billing app.

Avoid Human Errors During Billing By Downloading Free Billing Software for Retail Shop

Avoid Human Errors

There is a big possibility of human errors during a manual billing process. Billing incorrectly can make your business look unprofessional, and you might end up losing customers to your competitors. Using automation to create GST bills for your customers helps reduce human errors on a large scale. You need not worry about entering the same details in the invoice, as you can use a template with customisable details.

Retail Shop Billing Software to Customize Invoices and Send Digitally

Showcase Professionalism

Provide convenience to your customers with digital billing. Send them bills over to their WhatsApp or email and surprise them with a highly customised invoice. Create fully customised invoices using the app for your customers. You can add your business logo, payment terms and colours that represent your retail brand. By creating a good invoice, you can stand out among competitor retail shops.

Allocate Loyalty Rewards & Retain Customers -Billing Software Free Download for Shops

Retain Customers

Build a lasting relationship with your customers and retain them for a longer tenure. You can provide your customers with discounts and offers to provide a great shopping experience. You can allocate loyalty reward points to your customers every time they shop. It will make them come back to your store to redeem the points.

Reduce Billing Labour & Save Money- Retail Billing Software India

Automate Redundant Tasks

Reduce your work by automating tasks that can get automated with a billing app for retail shop. Automation can make life easier for a retail business owner and significantly reduce billing time for your customers. The app will reduce the labour required for billing, thereby saving money for your business.

Cost- Effective & Convenient Billing Software for Retail Shop Free Download

Provides Convenience

The retail billing app is highly cost-effective, and provides convenience to businesses. It works offline and syncs the bills created and expenses recorded as per a predefined schedule. Using it, you can have an online backup, thereby eliminating the requirement to maintain ledgers. You can use the app from anywhere using an Android app.

All in One Retail Shop Management Software Free Download

All in One App

Do more than creating bills for your customers using the best business management software for retail stores. The billing app comes with all the features that are required to make it easier to operate a retail store.

Email Bills to Customers by Free Billing Software for Retail Shop

Enable Digital Payments

Email bills to your customers for free using the retail invoicing app and accept payments from multiple digital payment options. You can add the QR code to your bill to provide your customers with multiple payment options. Using the details in the invoice, your customers can pay you using UPI, card, and many other digital payment options.

Online Billing Software for Retail Shop to Monitor Business Expenses

Monitor Business Expenses

Add expenses each time you make external payment to your suppliers in cash or digital methods. Your expenses are automatically imported to the dashboard to provide a better idea of your business cash flow. You can use it to keep a check on your available budget and know the right ways to spend it.

Free Billing Software for Retail Shop For Easy Business Management

Easy business management

Our retail billing app makes it easier for businesses to manage inventory, check inventory alerts, pay suppliers, record expenses, and manage customers. It essentially improves business management and reduces the expenses involved in the process.

Get an overview

Get an overview

You can get an overview of the shop operations from anywhere, using our billing and accounting application. By tracking your sale performance, you can ensure that you have enough capital to keep running your retail business. You can use the app dashboard to check out the current liabilities for your retail store.

Generate Reports to File Tax- Online Billing Software for Retail Shop

Filing Taxes

Using the data from sale and purchase orders and tax reports, you can calculate your tax liabilities using the retail billing software. Further, a good billing app lets you create GST reports for your retail store to make it easier for you to file taxes.

Reduse Maintenance Use App over Ledger-Retail Shop Management Software Free Download

Reduces Maintenance Liabilities

Manually accounting for sales and purchases throughout the year requires you to maintain records in ledgers. Having professional billing software reduces the maintenance liabilities at a large scale. You can check on your monthly expenses to create GST reports using the billing app for your retail store.

Unique Feature to Print Invoices in Retail Store Billing Software

Regular / Thermal printer

Using Vyapar, you get the unique feature to print your invoices in all types of print sizes by using a thermal or a regular printer.
You can ensure that the print is entirely professional before printing the copy for your customers.

Handle All Accouts in one Place Using Retail Shop Billing Software

Handle accounting

Easily handle the accounting requirements of your business using professional billing software. It can help you reduce the manual tasks involved in the process. It is good to have one app to handle your billing and accounting requirements. By having a retail store accounting app, you can manage your sales effectively.

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Online billing mobile App for Retail Business

We provide Online billing software for retail shops along with mobile app, with our app retail business owners can streamline their entire billing process. A billing app designed especially for retail shops to make their billing process easier, faster and convenient. Retail business owners can expand their business manifold with this billing app for shops, the mobile app comes with a lifetime free membership so that you can reach new heights.

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Easy Billing Software for Retail Stores

A retail management software for businesses that gives you the finest experience possible.

Our billing software is designed for all kinds of business like pharmacy, supermarket, grocery shop, general store or electronic and hardware shop. Vyapar, the most reliable billing software for your expanding business. Easier, more adaptable, and simply superior! Vyapar's retail billing software allows you to keep track of all expenses and earnings in one spot. Set up payment reminders for your customers quickly and easily.

In this video, you will get to know how to use power Vyapar billing software. Watch the full video and make your business stand out.

Retail Software FAQ

Do you have any doubt regarding retail store billing software? We have tried to give answers to Frequently asked questions.

Retail billing software is an application used to create invoices for customers in a retail shop. It is used to provide estimates, generate invoices, manage accounts, and record inventory. Overall, it is software that eases the operations of any retail business. It automates many processes and helps in performing calculations with ease. It helps in maintaining detailed financial records for bookkeeping purposes and filing taxes. Further, it records information about sales and purchases to help you make informed decisions for your business.
Professional billing software helps you streamline all the billing requirements in your business. Using it, you can easily manage your business and focus on providing better services. Here are the key features in any retail shop billing software.

● Inventory management tool to keep track of every item available in your store.
● Provide a detailed description of each product and state the charges and taxes
● Track sales using the accounting app dashboard from anywhere.
● File taxes using sales and expenses data saved in the software.
● Track account receivables and payables whenever required using the app dashboard.
● Eliminate manual accounting and automate redundant tasks for your business.
● Create customised invoices to fit your retail business requirements.
● POS accounting software to create bills at the point of sale.
Many business owners in India rely on traditional bookkeeping methods to manage the accounting requirements of their retail business. However, the process requires a ton of effort and requires proper maintenance. Using a computerised billing app comes with a ton of advantages over traditional methods.

● Eliminate manual errors by automating all redundant tasks in the billing process and speed up the entire process.
● The easy bookkeeping process helps reduce the time and efforts your employees need to put in to create bills and handle the accounting process.
● Save ledger storage space in your shop by having a backup of data in Google Drive or local storage.
● No maintenance required for bookkeeping. You can easily fetch the invoices created and expenses recorded in the app to create a detailed P&L report.
The billing app you choose for your business should come with all the useful features for running a small business effectively. All you need to have is the best billing app that can handle all your retail shop requirements. By choosing the right application, you can get the best experience and convenience for your customers.
Your app should provide the ability to customise the features according to retail shop requirements. Moreover, it’s great if the app comes with a feature to add an online store where you can showcase all your products and services. Here’s what you can look into a retail billing app before finalising one for your business

Customisable templates:
A professional billing app comes with many template options. You can select the one that fits best for your retail shop. You can customise it according to your requirements. A good billing app lets you add your business logo, font style, shape, and much more within the template.

Affordable prices:
A retail billing app should provide value for money services and features. The software that comes with a one-month free trial for PC usage is a great choice as it allows you to test the services before committing to yearly plans. Once you try out the free version, you can check out yearly plans to avail the premium features.

Enables automation:
Make sure that your billing app helps you set up alerts wherever you go low on inventory. It will help you eliminate the possibility of losing potential customers due to a lack of inventory items. To ensure you get paid on time, your retail shop invoicing app should let you send automatic payment reminders to your customers.

Easy accounting:
A useful billing app comes with a great business accounting tool. Choose the app that allows you to manage your accounts and handle all your business requirements. Look for features that allow you to track expenses, manage books, and file taxes. Make sure that you can handle your business from anywhere using your retail billing software.

Generate reports:
Your billing app should let you create reports to ease accounting requirements. It should help you analyse the sale/purchase order history to make informed decisions for your business. Further, reports play a crucial role in analysing how well the business is performing compared to the last year. It is a great way to understand where you need to work on your business strategy. So, make sure that your app helps create GST compliant reports by entering the required details.

You can download and install the retail billing application within minutes. Select the devices that are compatible with the app to set up the basic information of your business. Once you complete the setup, you are ready to start billing your customers using the retail store billing application. To access premium features in the app, you have to purchase the premium plan of the billing app for your retail shop.
You can download and install retail software by visiting the application website or Google Play store for your retail billing app. It will give you access to the latest version of the app. Download the software and run the installation file. Once installed, you can start using the app for your business requirements. Once installed, keep updating the app regularly to access all the latest features.